Phenix City police calls animal cruelty threat in Facebook post ‘unfounded’

Phenix City police calls animal cruelty threat in Facebook post ‘unfounded’

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) – A Facebook post that shows a woman threatening to poison a dog with a lethal dose of food has been debunked by the Phenix City Police Department.

The social media post, allegedly posted by Facebook user Shanna Johnson in June, has been circulating on social media for several weeks. The post threatens a small dog, who allegedly entered a neighboring chicken coop, with ground beef soaked in antifreeze.

WARNING: The post uses graphic language:

Caught this piece of [expletive] killing my chickens. Looking for the best idea for how to put it down. I don't have a gun or I would do it that way.

A second post shows the intent to use the antifreeze-induced ground beef as a solution to worrisome pet problems.

Do you have problems with your neighbor's pets? I'm taking orders on some marinated hamburger meat soaked in antifreeze.

The original post has been deleted, but several people have shared screenshots of the original posts across the country.

The Phenix City Police Department, the law enforcement agency in the city where the woman and the dog allegedly live, addressed the controversial posts on their Facebook page, saying it was created to upset animal lovers on social media.

Their post on Thursday says:

Animal Cruelty***
The Phenix City Police Department has received the complainant and photo of the Facebook Animal Cruelty Photo that is being circulated across the country. The post has been investigated and is unfounded. This type of post is intended to upset and troll animal lovers (in this case) into opening and sharing the photo. In most cases that post or photo contains malicious software (malware). Please do not open such posts and attachments.

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