Coach Pollard's family takes legal action against city for wrongful death

Coach Pollard's family takes legal action against city for wrongful death

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus family is taking legal action against the city of Columbus after their family attorney says a police chase led to the three-car crash on Buena Vista Road that claimed the life of beloved Carver High School's baseball coach, David Pollard.

"There is no amount of money that is ever going to be able to bring Mr. Pollard back. So for them it's more of a how do we protect the citizens, how do we protect other people like their family from having to go through that again," says Katonga Wright, managing partner of the Wright Legal Group and attorney for the family of David Pollard.

According to Wright, the fatal accident in April was the direct result of the Columbus Police Department's decision to pursue a suspect for a stolen vehicle.

"This was a stolen car. There's no reason a life should be put in danger because of a stolen car. Cars can be replaced but people can't," says Wright.

In late June an ante litum notice was filed, giving the city of Columbus 30 days to respond. 

"Columbus Risk Management and City lawyers are reviewing this matter and will be responding in due course," says Clifton Fay, Columbus City Attorney.

Wright says although her client is seeking compensation, the main goal is to get the law changed in Columbus to prevent another high speed chase from taking an innocent life.

"Mainly from a non damages standpoint, the family is very interested in the Columbus Police Department taking a no chase policy with respect to property damage issues because there's just no amount of money that can bring Mr. Pollard back," says Wright.

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