Chick-fil-A employees save the day after boy rejected from play area

Chick-fil-A employees save the day after boy rejected from play area

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Galaxy Night at Chick-fil-A on Wynnton Road was an event for the entire family, but a few employees turned a negative experience for one family into a sweet and memorable time.

During the event on July 22, one young boy in a wheelchair asked a group of boys in the play area if he could join them, but their response was one that no child ever wants to hear. "No, we're good," the group of boys replied.

The young boy then asked his mother, Kari Merriken, to play with him and she explained the situation to the Chick-fil-A employees and then asked to borrow a light saber and duel.

"I went outside with him, and the next thing I know the employees had found some worthy opponents who were much cooler (and more skilled with a light saber) than mom," Merriken said in a Facebook post she shared to Chick-fil-a Wynnton/Macon Road's page.

Merriken showed her gratitude with the Facebook post as she thanked the employees who dressed up to play with her son.

Attendees at the Galaxy Night event participated in different craft activities including face painting, a dessert bar, saber lessons and even a Galaxy sword station.

In wake of the most recent police shootings and tension among communities Chick-fil-A says the event was held to show love to all.

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