Gun owners learn safety, defense laws at firearms course

Gun owners learn safety, defense laws at firearms course

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Gun violence continues to dominate the discussion across the nation.

One group of Muscogee County citizens took the time to learn about firearms and how to use them lawfully and safely. This is part of the Muscogee County Marshal's Office mission - to prepare people and answer any questions on how to use guns.

"We want people to come learn," said course instructor Anthony Humphries.

Humphries, a Muscogee County Deputy Marshal,  said he insists people take that time and effort to learn about their weapon.

That's exactly what these citizens did this afternoon at a self-defense firearms course put on by the Muscogee County Marshal's Office. Humphries said he welcomes all types of gun owners - new students or seasoned veterans looking to refresh their knowledge.

"Some people just really want to know how to operate their gun," he said.  

When asked if he's seen an increase in course registrations, especially given the concern after police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge,  Humphries said the numbers of students has stayed the same.

"My classes usually stay pretty steady. I usually fluctuate between 8 and 12 people," he said.

One course student, Jan Kennington, said she came back a second time, four years later, to make sure she's prepared to defend herself in any situation.

"If you're going to carry a gun around," Kennington said, "you got to know what you're doing. You got to know what the laws are."

Humphries said he hopes more citizens make the effort to not just learn as much as they can, but feel that law enforcement can empower them to be unafraid.

"I think actually makes the community and the person attending the class closer to the officers," he said.

The course will continue on Saturday where new students will have the opportunity to feel comfortable using their guns at a range. The Marshal Office's course is open to registration every three to four months.

To contact the marshal's office about this and other programs, click here.

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