AL police forced to address another fake animal cruelty post

AL police forced to address another fake animal cruelty post

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) – The Phenix City Police Department has been forced to address another fake animal cruelty post that is scaring many east Alabama residents.

The photo post, allegedly made by Facebook user Shanna Johnson, shows at least five kittens dead in a bucket of water.

The post says: "Got some catfish bait fo [sic] sale, da [sic] good fo [sic] catching dem [sic] monster catfish."

Screenshots of the gruesome photo post have been shared in various Phenix City neighborhood watch and yard sale pages on Facebook.

Residents have been so concerned with the thought of this happening in their own neighborhood, that they've been flooding the Phenix City Police Department with calls.

PCPD posted a media release on their Facebook page for residents on Tuesday, saying:

Please do not respond to this FACEBOOK post. It is not an active Facebook page / account. This unknown person is maliciously posting a screen shot to this buy/sale/trade page and then deleting their account. The last few times photos posted by this person contained malware in the links posted in the comments. The subject matter is intended to troll people to harass the victim. The person named in the post DOES NOT LIVE IN OUR CITY. Our police department's Animal Control Division, as well as our Criminal Investigation Division, takes ALL crimes serious to include animal cruelty cases. This type of concern for animal cruelty is without question; however, the massive response to these maliciously social media posts will bog down a police department's ability to provide service to the public.

This is the second time this month that the PCPD has had to address a fake animal cruelty posts on Facebook. The post, also allegedly made by Johnson, threatens a small dog for allegedly entering a neighboring chicken coop with ground beef soaked in antifreeze.

The initial post was deleted, but screenshots made its way across the country. PCPD said it was the work of an internet troll, unfounded, and contained malware.

DISCLAIMER: The post may be upsetting to some. 

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