Woman charged in boyfriend's murder bonds out of jail

Woman charged in boyfriend's murder bonds out of jail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus woman charged with first-degree vehicular homicide bonded out of jail just hours after turning herself into police Tuesday afternoon. 

Kristen Kimber is charged with killing her 25-year-old boyfriend Jeremie Perry in a car accident earlier this month on JR Allen Parkway. Columbus police initially said Perry allegedly pushed Kimber's head into the steering wheel.

"I am hopeful that in due time when the prosecutors look at the case they will see no crime that has been committed. Kristen is a victim in the case she could have easily been killed herself," says Mark Shelnutt, Kimber's defense attorney.

Kimber sustained multiple injuries including six fractured ribs, deep gashes in her face and her shoulder and knee are slashed open, according to Shelnutt.

Shelnutt says he's working to get Kimber's charges d ropped. He says it will take months for Kimber to recover from her injuries.

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