Phenix City residents weigh in on lottery proposal

Phenix City residents weigh in on lottery proposal

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced on Friday that he hopes to see an Alabama lottery in the state's future.

Phenix City residents are weighing in after the state's leader sent a proposed amendment to the 1901 Alabama constitution.

Some Alabama residents say they often cross the river to play the Georgia lottery, especially when the pot is big, but not all are on board with Bentley's proposal.

One woman WTVM talked to off camera says she doesn't trust the lottery system, saying she doesn't believe the money raised will actually find it's way to benefit communities like Phenix City.

However, one man WTVM spoke with says he feels it could help the children in Alabama. He says he pumps money into Georgia's children when he buys a ticket in Columbus, "and it supports their education program too," he said. The Phenix City resident says a lottery will be good for Alabama, "especially if they bring it here and I win, I'll donate more to the school system," he said.

Another Alabamian told News Leader 9, "For the player, you'll never win. The odds are way against you, but it could raise some money for the schools and things like that."

Again, the initiative is just a proposal at the moment. You can view the full amendment suggestion from Bentley's office by clicking here.

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