Synovus donates shoes to SafeHouse Ministries

Synovus donates shoes SafeHouse Ministries

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus-based Synovus partnered with SafeHouse Ministries on Tuesday to help meet the needs of homeless people in the area.

Synovus was able to present 100 pairs of shoes to SafeHouse to help with their cause.

A representative with SafeHouse says this donation will help make the lives of those they serve a little easier.

"Our folks go through shoes, they need shoes that are comfortable," said Chaplain Neil Richardson with Rose Hill SafeHouse. "It's fixin' to rain for these next several days. Imagine what it's like with a hole in the bottom of your shoes trying to survive like this, and if you look around here... these are the kind of shoes that people can use and need. They are good soles, good bottoms, they can be tied, and I love the fact that they even dealt with the kids."

SafeHouse has several ways they help the homeless in our area from providing shelter and food, to helping individuals find employment and housing.

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