Grand Jury: Auburn PD's use of deadly force justified in April incident

Grand Jury: Auburn PD's use of deadly force justified in April incident

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – A Macon County, AL grand jury has determined that the use of deadly force by Auburn Police Department Officers was justified in an April 3, 2016, incident which resulted in the death of Melissa Boarts.

APD officers responded to a call on April 3 regarding a motorist who was reported to be bi-polar, suicidal, in possession of a knife and intending to harm herself.

Police followed Melissa Boarts for several miles from inside the Auburn Police jurisdiction into Macon County in an attempt to check her welfare.

She ultimately led them to Red Creek Road in Macon County, came to an abrupt stop, exited her vehicle, and charged officers while armed with a lock blade knife.

Two officers fired upon her when she got too close to a retreating officer. The retreating officer was then knocked to the ground by Boarts and his weapon was dislodged from his possession. Officers then rendered her assistance until medical personnel arrived. Boarts died of a single gunshot wound.

Toxicological analysis of Boarts' blood has determined that during operation of her vehicle and at the time Boarts charged the officers, she was intoxicated beyond the legal limit.

It was also determined that Boarts had ingested six medications, not all of which were prescribed to her, according to the news release on this matter. The medicines also warn of adverse effects when combined with alcohol.

The Auburn Police Division stands in support of the officers involved, their necessity to make a split second decision in this situation, and their families who have had to endure pain, hurt, and threatening comments caused by false allegations and misinformation that have been proven to be unsupported by the facts of this incident.

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