Harris County native launches plus size clothing line

Harris County native launches plus size clothing line

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - A Harris County native has launched a new business aimed at helping women of all sizes find fashionable clothing that fit and flatter their curves.

Christina Marshall-Valdez grew up in Waverly Hall and graduated from Harris County High. She recently started Elu, an apparel company that provides plus size women with "made to measure" clothing.

Marshall-Valdez says she started the company after struggling to find dresses that flattered her own figure.

"I couldn't find options in my size or styles that aligned with the image I wanted. So I opted out of many events. As a result, I felt second-class, and frankly, embarrassed," says Marshall-Valdez.

After graduating Harris County High in 2001, Marshall-Valdez received her BA and MBA from NYU and USC. She went on to work in marketing, helping to craft brand strategies for companies such as Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Target before branching out on her own.

In July, she launched a Kickstarter campaign to gain support for Elu. She's hoping financial support from the community will help her expand Elu's current collection and development additional options for full-figured women in the future.

For more information visit Elu online.

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