Pollard family attorney: Complaint against city of Columbus to be filed this week

MORE DETAILS: Pollard family updates lawsuit against Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The family of the Carver High School baseball coach killed in a car accident earlier this year plans to sue the City of Columbus.

Coach David Pollard, 36, died on April 18 from injuries sustained in a three-car accident on Buena Vista Road involving a stolen vehicle.

Attorneys representing the Pollard family say the City of Columbus responded to their letter intending to sue, stating Police had done nothing wrong, nor did they violate police chase protocol.

Despite the setback, the Pollard family will continue seeking at least $1 million from the Fountain City especially since they believe a second officer picked a chase back up with the suspect who eventually hit and killed Pollard.

Pollard's legal team states FBI research at a Press Conference this morning and hopes to not only get monetary wins but to change police chase policy in the Valley.

The family's attorney, Katonga Wright hosted a press conference at the Columbus Public Library to update the public about the ongoing case. During the press conference, Wright, sitting between co-counsel and David Pollard's widow, said they plan to file their complaint against the city this week.

"The family is concerned and outrage at the fact that this has happened to them and that this loss has occurred in their community," Wright said.

Wright said the complaint will be made available for review, and said they are willing to go "As far as the city of Columbus wants us to go." The family also wants to push the Columbus Police Department to change their policies in regards to chasing suspects. She said it could have happened to anyone at any time, and does not want a fatal incident like this to happen again.

"This chase occurred on Buena Vista Road, in the middle of the day at one of the busy thoroughfares in our city," Wright said. "The decision to institute the chase was problematic in and of itself."

Wright said the city has responded to the family's notice that they intend to file suit, but had no other details available.

"Police often suspect fleeing drivers are wanted for serious offenses," Wright said. "We anticipate that was the case here, and they dislike letting a violator get away. During a police chase, police can be overcome by a need to win."

Columbus Police has long stood by their stance that all protocol was followed, and officers stopped pursuing the suspect before the fatal accident off Buena Vista Road.

William Cross was named as that suspect after fleeing from the scene, and was arrested on May 2, 2016.

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