Glenwood attempts to lift the spirits of the Sharpe family following tragic accident

Glenwood attempts to lift the spirits of the Sharpe family following tragic accident

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - The Sharpe family of Smiths Station has had a rough week following the tragic death of 55-year-old Flint Sharpe in an accident on Monday.

Flint was an avid sports fan and spent time playing and coaching sports at Glenwood School.

During his time as a coach, he made a profound impact on so many who passed through the doors at Glenwood.

With his family mourning the loss of a father and husband, Glenwood did their part to lift the spirits of the Sharpe family on Wednesday.

Sixty-six members of the senior class made their way to the Sharpe home Wednesday morning,

"Cassidy is a member of the senior class and we are a family at Glenwood and we just thought that we needed to show unified support for one of our class members," said Frankie Mitchum, the Headmaster at Glenwood School.

Not only did all of Cassidy's classmates raise the mood, they also announced that the football team would be honoring her family for the rest of the season.

Glenwood will wear helmet stickers reading "CS" and "FS" on either side to honor their classmate and remember her father.

"It was amazing to have them all here, a lot of them have come the past few days but it is great to have them all here at once.  It's amazing my dad loved
football more than anything in the world and especially Glenwood football," said Cassidy.  

Flint's wife Lee shared a word with the Glenwood class, saying, "you never know when you last day will be, but Flint lived his life to the fullest and shared his faith with everyone around him."

Lee said that that was part of the reason why she was in such high spirits, because she knew her husband was in a better place and impacted so many during his 55 years on this earth.

"He has made such an impact on so many people's lives that obviously this is the person that needed to go for it to be shared throughout our town and our city," Lee said.  

This tragedy comes at a tough time for the Sharpes, as they are currently building a new home and Cassidy is in the midst of her senior year of high school.

However, they are trying to stay happy just as Flint would.

"My dad, he was always happy, he was always the smiling face of this house and of our family. He always brought all the happiness," said Cassidy through tears.   

Lee added that Flint's funeral will be different than most.

"His celebration will not be a traditional funeral, it will be a celebration of his life because that is the way that he would want it," Lee said. 

Funeral arrangements are scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 16 at Golden Acres Baptist at 11 a.m.

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