WTVM Editorial 10/716: Kids and Domestic Violence

WTVM Editorial 10/716: Kids and Domestic Violence

(WTVM) – Every year, domestic violence experts in Georgia release a report on fatalities and near fatalities resulting from violent family disputes in the previous year.

The numbers are staggering and are worth a close look since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Especially noteworthy is the effect domestic violence has on children.

Did you know that 12,000 children were on the scene of a family violence call to police last year?

And of those, about one-third actually witnessed the violence or a death that resulted from those incidents.

Experts say witnessing such devastating scenes causes life-long emotional damage and even physical problems due to the trauma.

Domestic Violence should not just get a month of awareness.

Those living in abusive situations know it is a never-ending state of constant anxiety.

But local experts in family counseling want victims of family violence to know that there is help in Georgia and Alabama and it is often closer than you think.

Hope Harbour, Damascus Way, and the Russell County Shelter for Battered Women are just a few of the resources in our area.

It is not easy to escape, but if you are subjected to domestic violence, you can get out.

And if you have children, you can protect them from witnessing family violence and having to carry those scars forever.

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