October is Pitbull awareness month

October is Pitbull awareness month

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Pitbull lovers are taking the month to promote awareness for the gentle side of their four-legged friends as October marks Pitbull Awareness Month.

While often judged for their stalky build, Pitbull advocates say the breed often makes for a great family dog.

"Everyone thinks they're the big, bad bully dogs and I can honestly tell you the ones we have here are the biggest babies we have. They used to be called nanny dogs, and that's really how ours are, they love the babies, they want to go home to a family," Casey Smith, Marketing Director for Paws Humane says.

While many surveys find a large percent of dangerous dog attacks to come from Pitbull and Rottweiler breeds, other research suggests a higher commonality is the 92 percent of dog attacks coming from male dogs, and 94 percent of those not neutered.

Muscogee County is expanding their free fix program to Pitbull breed dogs by offering a totally free spay or neuter at Paws Humane, the Affordable Care Clinic, and at Fort Benning Clinic.

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