Lifelong Auburn friends get homecoming surprise from NASCAR’s Kyle Busch

Auburn High School students get homecoming surprise
Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 12:13 AM EDT|Updated: Oct. 17, 2016 at 12:55 PM EDT
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AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – Holman Head, a student with special needs at Auburn High School, received the surprise of his life before attending his homecoming dance on Saturday.

Earlier in October, Holman was asked to homecoming by his lifelong friend Taylor Johnson. Taylor dressed up and decorated her car to look like NASCAR's Kyle Busch, Holman's favorite driver.

After seeing the story, Busch decided he wanted to help make the friends' homecoming even more special.

"Hey Taylor and Holman, Kyle Busch here. I hear that tonight is your homecoming dance," says Busch in a special video. "I also hear that Holman, you're a pretty big fan so I just wanted to I appreciate that... We are going to send you a Number 18 interstate batteries Toyota Camry to give you two a ride to the homecoming dance."

While their night was already made, Busch had one more surprise for Holman and Taylor.

"I also think that since we are racing Talladega in a couple of weeks, you two should come out and join us for the race weekend," Busch said.

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"When I saw the video I cried," said Taylor's mom. "I just want to say thank you to Kyle Busch for making their dream come true."

Fighting off tears, Holman's mom Amy explains this is a night her son will remember forever.

"He is faced with a lot of 'nevers' in his life, tonight one of those is scratched off of his list and becomes a reality. He will hit the replay button in his mind over and over again," Amy said.

"He just means the world to me," Taylor said. "I could never imagine doing anything different than this right here. I am happy, I could never imagine a better date than him."

After the pre-homecoming festivities concluded, it was time to leave for the dance and Holman had a decision to make.

"Do you want to ride in the back with Taylor or do you want to ride in the front with me?" asked the driver.

Holman's answer seemed to be an easy one.

"I like to ride with my home girl," Holman responded.

Along with the ride to homecoming and an invitation to Talladega, Busch sent signed hats for Holman and Taylor to wear on their trip. News Leader 9 will be in Talladega with the special friends as they meet Holman's favorite race car driver Kyle Busch.

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