Covington officers sail through pistol portion of 2016 Int’l Sniper Competition

Covington officers sail through pistol portion of 2016 Int’l Sniper Competition

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Bringing in the best of the best from around the world, Fort Benning continued to host marksmanship experts on Thursday, the fourth and final day of the 2016 International Sniper Competition.

"We always like the pistol parts cause we spend more time with the pistol," said competitor Gene Nuqui.

There was a bit of nostalgia for the two former soldiers.

"We do have MRE's, haven't opened them yet," said Nuqui's partner Matt Cooper.

The now Covington police officers, Sergeant Nuqui and Officer Cooper, are showing active duty soldiers from around the world they've still got it.

"It's a whole different mindset when you go from military to law enforcement, so we can take what they do, manipulate it where it benefits us and the civilian side," said Cooper.

Despite the encouraged heckling during Thursday's Pistol Stress Shoot, the pair were able to place 14th out of 43 teams, which included six international groups.

Shooters traded in their rifles for pistols during this portion of the competition, showing the diversity of marksmanship skills needed to be the best.

While the snipers brought their A game, many say it's been a fun week, and they've enjoyed getting to know each other.

For the Covington police team, it's also a chance to better protect the community they serve daily.

"We have some success and we make some mistakes, and then we bring those things back to the other guys we work with," said Sgt. Nuqui.

The competition will wrap up Thursday night, and the victors will be crowned Friday during an award ceremony.

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