GA Secretary of State visits Columbus before Election Day

GA Secretary of State visits Columbus before Election Day

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp went on a statewide tour ahead of Election Day to ensure voters the state is ready for a secure and fair election.

One of those stops was Columbus on Monday afternoon.

Kemp says more than 2 million ballots have already been cast either through mail or in person.

He also wants to assure people voting on Tuesday that the voting machines were tested six months before the election and are working properly.

The Secretary of State's office is currently investigating 25 cases of some sort of voting issue.
In Bryan County a voting machine was removed because of a calibration issue, causing one selection to overlay on top another selection.

"All these other instances, we haven't heard from those local election officials that this is actually happening, just that they said it happen. So I don't think there is an issue out there but that won't stop us from investigating to make sure that's the case," Kemp said.

"Over the last three weeks our investigating division staff has monitored polling locations to all 159 counties during the early voting period," added Russell Lewis, Chief Investigator Secretary of State.

Kemp says there has been no issue with voting machines in Muscogee County, but they are investigating a case of a person taking a selfie with a ballot, which is prohibited in Georgia.

They also are not concerned about any cyber-security attacks on voting machines as none of them are connected to any internet service.

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