Columbus pastor reacts to fatal officer-involved shooting

Columbus pastor reacts to fatal officer-involved shooting

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - After a Columbus police officer shot three suspects and killed one of them in a car chase across state lines, we reached out to community leaders for their perspectives on the matter.

The Columbus Police Department confirms that four-year veteran Officer Allan Brown was the one who shot 17-year-old Christian Redwine.

Officer Brown had chased him and the other two other suspects, 19-year-old Hunter Tillis and 18-year-old Hannah Wuenschel, from Columbus to Phenix City. 

Local pastor Thaddeus Spencer has spent a lot of time behind the scenes with Columbus police.

Spencer said he wants to let the community know these officers have both the proper training and the proper mindset to protect all in the community.

"I really believe that the Columbus Police Department will investigate what happened and set things in the right course from there," Spencer said.

In a statement released Monday, Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said she sends condolences to "the family and loved ones" of Redwine, while also sending her support to the police officers on the scene.

The mayor went on to say that when faced with having to use deadly force, agents like Officer Brown are "trained to respond with reciprocal force."

For Spencer, the lesson young people can learn is to listen to police officers in high-risk situations.

"Don't get into a word war with them. Follow their directions. When the officers tell you to do something, do it," Spencer said.

In addition to advising young people in the Valley Community, Spencer also said there needs to be an effort by clergy members to educate both parents and children.

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