U.S. Sen. Perdue: 'Americans wisely chose to elect Donald Trump'

U.S. Sen. Perdue: 'Americans wisely chose to elect Donald Trump'

(WTVM) – U.S. Senator David Perdue released a statement Tuesday night regarding the 2016 election results.

"Tonight, the American people sent a strong message, and it is past time for Washington to listen. We had a clear choice this election between an outsider, businessman who is committed to restoring American greatness and a dishonest career politician who has failed to help the very people she claimed to champion. Americans wisely chose to elect Donald Trump as our next President and Mike Pence as our next Vice President.

In 2014, Georgians sent a similar message by sending me to the United States Senate to help change the direction of our country. As a fellow outsider, I hope the political class in Washington will learn the right lessons from this latest election. There is a growing movement of people who are more motivated by their frustration with the lack of results coming from Washington than their own political ideology. For too long, Congress has continued to fund an oversized federal government that is out-of-touch with reality. Politicians continue to say and do anything to get elected, but then fail to follow through on delivering results. 

Now is the time to change the way Washington does business and finally focus on delivering real results. We need to come together to tackle our country's debt crisis, protect our homeland, grow the economy, and address the rising costs of health care. With new leadership in the White House and cooperation from both political parties in Congress, all of this can be achieved within the parameters outlined in our Constitution. I look forward to working closely with President Trump and Vice President Pence to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to once again achieve the American Dream."

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