SPECIAL REPORT: Footage released of moments leading up to 2014 CSU officer-involved shooting

SPECIAL REPORT: Footage released of moments leading up to 2014 CSU officer-involved shooting
Published: Nov. 14, 2016 at 10:15 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 2, 2017 at 9:02 AM EST
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - For the first time, the District Attorney's office is releasing police calls, witness interviews and dash cam footage showing the foot chase and shooting that took the life of Zikarious Flint at Columbus State University.

Police reported that they received calls of a man loading a gun on campus.  When they approached Flint... there was a chase and shots were fired... and
the 20-year-old died after being shot two times in his back.

Meanwhile, the Flint family has always disputed the claims that Zikarious had a gun.

Last year, the grand jury gave a recommendation to the District attorney to not indict officer Benjamin Scott. 18 months after the shooting, many thought the case was over but Flint's parents are taking this to federal civil court, suing Officer Scott for excessive use of force.

"The best outcome for me would be that the truth is out there and the officer that murdered my son would be held accountable for his actions civilly," says Shamanique Flint, mother of Zikarious.

Jogging on campus, the witness says Flint ran right past him just moments before Officer Benjamin Scott fatally shot him in the back. 

"I see the police officer next thing he says stop or I will shoot you," says a witness during an interview with police.

In surveillance footage obtained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, you can see a Columbus state squad car driving down a sidewalk, plunging through a gate on CSU's campus, nearly hitting Flint.

Both Flint and the car are temporarily off camera, then six seconds later, you see Flint running back through the parking lot and the officer chasing behind him with his gun raised.

"This fight for Zikarious was never about a big pay day because nothing can ever replace him. But now my family is in a situation where we still have to bear the cost of someone else's misjudgment," says Shamanique Flint, Zikarious' mother.

Shamnique says she still believes her son was unarmed when he was fatally gunned down by police. 

The foot chase that led up to the shooting was captured by CSU's by multiple cameras.

In one video, near a gazebo in court yard one, you see Flint running behind a woman wearing gray pants and a white top, he d rops something and
continues behind the young lady but another guy in khaki shorts comes behind him kicking the item Zikarious d ropped three times before bending over and picking it up. 

We reached out to the GBI, the District Attorney's office, Columbus State University and Flint's family attorney, who all declined to comment on the footage.  

"This case has been reviewed repeatedly, and the officer's actions have been found to be justified repeatedly and the Attorney General's Office has recommended, due to pending litigation that we not say anything more while the lawsuit is ongoing," said Christa Robbins, communications Specialist at Columbus State University says.

"Our office does not comment on pending litigation and will have no comment in this case," Attorney General's director of communications, Nick Genisi, said.

Katonga Wright, attorney for the Flint family, says 20 witnesses were called before a grand jury last December who may have been able to provide more accounts as to what exactly happened before Flint was shot and killed.

But she says the grand jury hearing was private, so she and her clients were not allowed in the courtroom while the Julia Slater presented her case.

"I think Nationally there needs to be a policy change. When officers make bad calls and lives are lost that can not be replaced there needs to be something there that can allow family, to get justice without the types of hoops the Flints have had to go through in order to feel vindicated for the loss of their son," says Wright.   

Wright says her clients are going through what is called discovery, conducting an independent investigation, gathering witness testimonies to prepare for their civil suit against Officer Scott for excessive use of force. She expects the trial to begin in 2017.

"I miss my son we were close it's not about money, I just want justice," says Homer Flint, Zikarious' Father.

The Flint family is now asking the community to help with their legal costs - to donate, click here.

As for the video, the District Attorney's office gave six discs to WTVM. There were at least three files that could not be retrieved from the discs. We contacted both the DA's office and the GBI office but they could not help in retrieving those files.

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