Columbus pastor to live in storage building to help homeless

Columbus pastor to live in storage building to help homeless

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus pastor wants people in the Chattahoochee Valley to join him in a mission to help children, the homeless, and the hungry.
For the second time since 2010, he'll be hosting "The Big Event" to raise awareness of the unmet needs in the community.

"There a scripture in the Bible, 1 John 3: 18, Let us not love in word and tongue but in deed and truth. Love is something you do," said Dr. Jamie Sanks of of The House of God in Midland.

To show love to the community, Pastor Sanks is collecting toys for children, warm clothes for the homeless and food for the hungry in a mission called The Big Event.

"Anyone who has a need will be help. We are trying to fill up the tractor trailers and three  PODS and disseminate what we get to local para-church organizations who have their ready made list of needy families," Pastor Sanks said. 

One of the trailers will be filled with food and the other with toys. The pods will be used for cold weather clothing for the homeless.

Taking two weeks off work from his job at Aflac, Sanks will live in a Action storage building 20 feet off the ground, donated to him in 2010.
He will have no stove, electronics, central air conditioning or a working bathroom, and he won't leave until he and the community reach their goal.

"We are empowering the people to come out and meet the needs of their own communities and I believe they can do it," said Sanks.

Anyone can d rop off donations at the church or make a donation through the church website.

Sanks says he will still be able to communicate with people from his balcony during nightly services of the Big Event. He'll also read his bible to pass time.

Pastor Sanks will go up into the storage unit Sunday, Nov. 20, after a community-wide Thanksgiving dinner and lift-off celebration of music and food.
There will also be nightly evangelistic services each day at The BIG Event to meet the spiritual needs of our communities.

The schedule is as follows:

  • 11/20= We are inviting the community out for a Thanksgiving Dinner/LIFT OFF celebration starting @ 3:30 p.m. free music, free food, and more.
  • 11/21 = Rev. Andy Merritt, Senior Pastor, Edgewood Baptist Church (our mother church) in Columbus, GA.
  • 11/22 = Rev. Dravenstott, Senior Pastor, Midway Baptist Church in Smiths Station, AL
  • 11/23 = Rev. Jimmy Blanton, Associational Missionary for the Columbus Baptist Association
  • 11/24 = Thanksgiving Day--challenging the community to bring the pastor a Thanksgiving dinner, toys non-perishable food items, and cold weather gear. We are challenging each family member to bring something.
  • 11/25 = Black Friday--remember each family member buy a toy for a needy kid while shopping.Speaker, TBA
  • 11/26 = Concert (Tentative) Ken and Cindy Winkles, etc. TBA
  • 11/27 = Rev. Tim Harris, Lead Pastor, The Verge Church, Columbus, GA (Tentative)
  • 11/28 = Rev. Rob Strickland, Lead Pastor, Highland Community Church, Columbus. GA
  • 11/29= Rev. Otis Robinson, Lead Pastor, Foundation Point Church in Phenix City, Ala
  • 11/30 = Rev. Eric Seldon, Senior Pastor, Christian Valley Church in Harris County, GA
  • 12/1 = TBA
  • 12/2 – Rev. Tommie Hart, Lead Pastor, The Church in the County in Harris County, GA (Tentative)
  • 12/3 =YOUTH DAY/ Grand Finale-- Descent /Celebration/Distribution--community is invited, especially all the media possible. We will distribute all the goods to designated charitable organizations representative of Muscogee, Harris, Russell counties, etc. to allow them to give to their lists of needy kids, hungry, and homeless individuals. There will be music, food, speaker, TBA.

The items collected during the BIG EVENT will be given to local organizations such as the Child Advocacy Center, Focus in Harris County, Mission Columbus and Rose Hill United Methodist Church.

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