Columbus family reaching out to area fire victims

Columbus family reaching out to area fire victims

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus family is looking to give back to those who have suffered losing a home, as multiple fires have affected the area and left some residents with little to nothing.

In the wake of a recent apartment fire in Columbus, one family is reaching out to News Leader 9 and the community to help any victims who've lost their homes in any recent fires. 

Sisters Jerilyn Rogers, Jennifer Shortt and Camellia Hasan suffered such a loss last Thanksgiving when their childhood home in Sweetwater, AL caught fire with their parents still inside.

"Never in our wildest mind, we would've thought that our parents were still in this house," Rogers said.

Otis and Dorothy Rogers died in that fire, and the sisters have been grieving ever since.

"It's like, how do you get past this?" Hasan said. "I mean, we have each other, and we're thankful for that. It's a big blessing that we have each other, but it's just, without God, we would be lost."

What's worse for the family, they say, is still not having a clear answer about who is responsible for taking away both their parents and their home.

"And the biggest issue we're still having, even from a year ago up until today, is that the law enforcement agencies in that area don't work together," Shortt said.

In this tragedy, they've found a way to honor their parents' memory.

"We know that our parents were givers, and that's really what we want to do, is just give," Shortt said.

The sisters are starting a nonprofit foundation, and are looking to aid a family who has lost everything, even a loved one, in a fire.

"So, to try and take something off them that we can, just to help them, would be our goal," Rogers said.

The family is calling their foundation "I Am My Parents' Child."

They are still looking to help out a Columbus family needing support after losing everything in a fire. If you know of a deserving family in the area who may need this support, email us at this link.

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