Columbus couple arrested on child cruelty charges

Columbus couple arrested on child cruelty charges

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus couple was arrested on child cruelty charges Thursday night.

David Spurr, 21, and Corrin Spurr, 25, were charged with first-degree child cruelty and second-degree child cruelty, respectively.

They were both booked into the Muscogee County Jail.

Daniel Spurr did not appear in court and has bonded out of jail. Corrin Spurr pled not guilty was given a $2,500 bond and the case was sent to superior court.

Testimony in court, a Columbus police investigator said that in October 2016, Daniel Spurr took his 6-month-old daughter to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital for redness on her right arm.

The officer stated that an X-ray showed that the child had a fractured arm and had two broken ankle bones that were in the process of healing.

Police later testified that a doctor at the Midtown Medical Center determined that the fractures were not accidental.

Police say Daniel and Corrin Spurr deny harming the child and told them they have no idea how the fractures occurred.

The child is now in DFACS custody.

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