GA lawmakers gear up for 2017 medical marijuana initiatives

GA lawmakers gear up for 2017 medical marijuana initiatives

(WTVM) - As the new year inches closer, many lawmakers are looking forward to a new legislative session to push important issues, and make changes for you.

One Georgia republican, in particular, hopes the upcoming legislative session is more welcoming to medical marijuana laws.

"Very painful and rare genetic skin disease. He's young and his condition causes severe itching and a lot of the damage is self-inflicted. Cannabis oil relieves that desire to scratch," said one father in a recent promotional video on the issue.

Stories like this one continue to propel Georgia lawmakers to seek reform on the current standing law surrounding medicinal marijuana usage.

Just this week, Representative Allen Peake took to Facebook with the message that he "will not stop fighting for Georgians to have legal access to safe, lab-tested medical cannabis oil."

Currently, Georgia allows people with certain illnesses to have medicinal marijuana products, but the Peach state forbids growing and importing the product, making it virtually impossible to use without breaking the law.

"So until there are changes done at the federal level, we're going to have to find a solution in Georgia and the real solution is to be able to provide a cultivation model in Georgia, where we can grow it, process it, and distribute it here in Georgia," said Peake.

Representative Peake says he also hopes to grow the legal list of illnesses that can be treated by cannabis oil in Georgia, as only a handful currently falls under current legislation.

Peake also encourages people to contact their local representatives to voice their opinions on this medicinal marijuana issue.

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