Landslide on neighborhood street still a concern for City Village residents

Landslide on neighborhood street still a concern for City Village residents

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents in one Fountain City neighborhood say they want answers after a landslide appears to be getting worse after more than a year.

Those who live in the area tell us the road started disappearing in December 2015, and it was never repaired.
They say the sloping and cracking is getting worse, especially after all the rain from the past few days.
Amber Lawson say the small road is not safe for many kids in the neighborhood and even the joggers down below at the River walk.

"I'm glad they did put something up because I wouldn't want anyone to lean forward," Lawson said. "But you'll see the previous barricades and cones that's been there since 2015 and they are not down the hill. They were broken and we watch them kind of prop wood up constantly but it's not helping. It  has to be fixed."

We reached out to the city's engineering department for a response. In an email Wednesday afternoon, Donna Newman wrote:

"We are currently assessing the condition on Bradley Circle and will make a determination on what safety measures need to be taken.  This was one of the FEMA projects.  We had to go through a RFP process in order to engage a engineering consultant for design.  The firm was approved by Council last month.  We are now scheduling the meetings to look at the sites and begin work on the design.  The consultant will be looking at Bradley Circle to determine if any interim measures are needed."

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