Residents concerned after MCSD school bus caught speeding on camera

Residents concerned after MCSD school bus caught speeding on camera
Updated: Jan. 18, 2017 at 9:01 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A resident in Muscogee County is concerned about a bus speeding through his neighborhood.

We met with Keith Hobbs on Wednesday, who claims he caught it all on camera.

It all happened on Randolph Drive where Hobbs said he was out in the yard playing with his kids when the school bus came speeding by.

"We are sitting out there and suddenly this bus just comes flying down the neighborhood," Hobbs said.

After the bus drove by, Hobbs says he went inside of his home to rewind the video.

"I've got my camera set to the highest resolution and I couldn't even catch the numbers off the side of the bus," Hobbs said.

He says his biggest concern is the safety of his children, who you can see playing in the front yard of the video.

"If they were to run out there in the road, that bus had no time to stop," Hobbs said.

We spoke with the Muscogee County School District, who told us to call the Columbus Police Department or contact the transportation department at 706-748-2875 if you see a school bus not following traffic laws.

"I called the public safety office or public service office and asked them about having an officer sit on that road," Hobbs said.

For now, Hobbs says he will keep an eye out for his neighborhood.

"For it being the middle of the neighborhood there's no reason for them to be going that fast, they need to find out who that bus driver is," Hobbs said.

Hobbs said he isn't the only one in the neighborhood concerned and he just wants to make sure it's safe for children in the neighborhood to play outside.

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