Family remembers Columbus man killed outside Outlaws Saloon 1 year ago

Family remembers Columbus man killed outside Outlaws Saloon 1 year ago

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Friends and family of Marquis Brown gathered for a memorial in his honor one year after his death.

Investigators say he was attacked outside Outlaws Saloon during a brawl. Brown died shortly after from blunt-force trauma.

Brown's family held the memorial outside TrendSettas Auto Salon on Veterans Parkway, where Brown once worked.

Nikita Bell, Brown's mother, and other family members said there are still a lot of unanswered questions they have, both for James Perkins, the man accused of killing him, and the police investigators.

We spoke to Bell before the start of the event, and she said that lately, she'd been thinking about all the good things her son did in his life.

Still, she said, she wants justice for Marquis and closure for her family and Marquis' young children.

"It has put a dent on his family's life, his kids' life, everybody," Bell said. "The saddest part about it is don't know who it was that did it and nothing still has been done. It's the part that I'm just not understanding."

Audrey Bullocks, Marquis' aunt, said she wants the same thing - justice for her dear nephew, who she said surprised her one day and cooked her a meal that she argues was better than her own cooking.

Bullocks also said she still misses having him stop by her house to check in on her.

"The way the system is, justice doesn't always work out," Bullocks said. "I do want to let people know that no matter where we are, or what we do, there's always someone higher that has a higher power that man that sits in the courtroom, and that is God."

Bell said the afternoon's balloon release incorporated red, white, and black: all the colors of Marquis' favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs.

Several in attendance alluded to his love of football. Family members said the former high school football player always looked forward to watching the Super Bowl every February.

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