Some MCSB members look to fire attorney as GBI investigates lawsuit settlement

Some MCSB members look to fire attorney as GBI investigates lawsuit settlement
(Source: Nelly Miles/GBI)
(Source: Nelly Miles/GBI)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some Muscogee County School Board members are publicly asking others on the board to vote to fire the district's current attorney.

District 8 Representative Frank Myers and District 2 Representative John Thomas want the board to hold a vote to fire Greg Ellington, terminating the contract with his law firm, Hall Booth Smith.

WTVM has confirmed with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that it will move forward with an investigation into "allegations of criminal activity."

In an official written statement from GBI, public affairs director Nelly Miles said the bureau read Columbus Superior Court Judge Gil McBride's written request to look into this lawsuit settlement.

The lawsuit dates back to a 2015 incident where a school district bus driver, then 74 years old, was accused of causing a Columbus police officer to crash his motorcycle. Seven Mathews Elementary School students were injured

Ellington has publicly stated there is no need for board approval, because the suit was paid by a liability insurance provider, as part of the district's agreement with the Georgia School Boards Association.

Myers said the board has previously voted to settle lawsuits payed out through that insurance coverage.

"The big mystery," Myers said, "is why is [this case] so different?"

Myers also said he thinks there are no disagreements on the facts presented to GBI surrounding the settlement.

We have also obtained a copy of Judge McBride's letter to GBI, where he asked the bureau to "determine whether any illegal behavior occurred."

McBride has also sent the GBI materials he feels will shed some more light on the circumstances surrounding the settlement.

McBride's request to GBI comes one month after the same agency was asked to investigate two recent incidents involving the school district.

The GBI is currently not pursuing investigations into neither the Aug. 22, 2016 bus crash, nor the Sept. 12, 2016 alleged incident involving Montravious Thomas and Bryant Mosley.

After attempting to contact Ellington several times, we have not received his comment on the matter.

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