Samsung S7 Edge burns Ft. Mitchell woman's hands, quilt

Samsung S7 Edge burns Ft. Mitchell woman's hands, quilt

FORT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) - Samsung cell phones are causing consumers problems and leaving some with injuries.

A Fort Mitchell woman claims her Samsung phone recently caught fire, burning her and a hole in her blanket.

"I was talking to a friend of mine and I said I've got to go my phone is getting hot," said Lori Lamb.

Lamb says she noticed something was wrong with her Samsung S7 phone.

"Like a flame come up on my screen – I tried to turn it off, I kept hitting the button to try to turn it off and it wouldn't turn off," Lamb she says.

That's when things literally started to heat up.

"It kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter, and then the back of the phone flew off and flames and sparks were going everywhere," Lamb said.

She rushed to the bathroom to put the fire out.

"While I'm holding it I'm trying to put everything off in the bed then I got to the bathroom and I actually dropped it in the sink because it was burning my hands," Lamb said.

Lamb says she immediately called Samsung to let them know what went on.

"They give me an email address of where to send my receipts, the pictures of the blanket, and the pictures of my hands," Lamb said.

She received a box from Samsung to send her phone in and sent it in the next day,

"I was told over the phone from Samsung the very next day but okay it doesn't take two weeks to evaluate what happened to my phone," Lamb said.

Two weeks was too long without a phone for Lamb.

"I would like a brand-new replacement, not a refurbished because I paid for it brand new," Lamb said. "I want a brand-new phone, whatever it might be, I want it to be the same money value of course."

WTVM reached out to Samsung to find out what they're doing to fix this problem and they haven't gotten back with us yet. We will keep you updated on this story.

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