Mother files $25M lawsuit against MCSD after son allegedly body slammed by worker

Mother files $25M lawsuit against MCSD after son allegedly body slammed by worker

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's been six months since a Muscogee School District student was allegedly body slammed by a contracted behavioral specialist while at school.

The mother of Montravious Thomas is now filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit in connection with the incident that led to her son's leg being amputated.

The $25 million personal-injury lawsuit more than 100 pages long listing off several allegations against multiple defendants from the Muscogee County School District seeking damages for the past, present, and future medical expenses of Montravious Thomas along with a list of other claims.

According to the lawsuit on Sept. 12, 2016, around 1:30 p.m. Montravious Thomas was in the custody of four of the defendants and wanted to leave the classroom at Edgewood Student Services Center to call his mother.

Defendant Bryant Alexander Mosley allegedly physically blocked the doorway of the classroom and then initiated multiple violent body-slamming events to prevent Thomas from leaving the classroom.

We spoke with the lawyer for the mother of Montravious Thomas over the phone while she was working in Atlanta and she updated News Leader 9 on the well-being of Thomas.

"I can't put his mother's feelings into words at the end of the day, Montravious is still recovering he's still undergoing physical therapy his last surgery was in mid-February with regard to his knee and the damage that was done to his knee so he is still in the recovery process, she's still in the recovery process helping her son get acclimated to everything that has happened and everything that will happen going forward in the future," says Attorney Renee Tucker.

The $25 million lawsuit lists of a slew of defendants all the way from Superintendent of Education David F. Lewis, the Mentoring and Behavioral Services that contracted Mosley to work in the school district, to the bus driver that Tucker tells me drove Thomas' home that day.

"We understand the bus driver at the school has informed us was Gisela Huggins that's the bus that took him home. We understand that he was not stabilized, no help was provided by any of this individuals in regard to attaining medical care or reporting his injuries," said Tucker.

According to the lawsuit, Edgewood Assistant Principal Eddie Powell told Montravious Thomas an ambulance was being called and "as time passed and no ambulance arrived," he was told they decided to send him home on the bus instead.

Tucker explains what they are seeking in the lawsuit

"His mother lost income, damages for pain and suffering, loss of limbs, loss of enjoyment of life we are also seeking punitive damages," says Tucker.

WTVM  reached out to the Muscogee County School District and they told us that they don't comment on pending litigation.

We also reached out to Rob Poydasheff who is representing Behavioral Services along with all other defendants and parties involved and haven't heard back from them yet.

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