The Verge Church in Columbus opens as warming shelter for homeless

The Verge Church in Columbus opens as warming shelter for homeless
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It is a community effort to help bring relief to those who may not have a warm place to stay.
The Verge Church in Columbus is not waiting for the people to come to them, but rather, they are going directly to the streets to find those in need.
It's not Sunday service, but the doors of The Verge Church in Columbus opened up Wednesday evening.

Bracing for the colder weather, the church is acting as a safe place and warming shelter.

"We want to be able to touch everybody with that message of Christ. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. This is a different way of teaching that message, or trying to get that message out," said Member and volunteer of The Verge Church, Larry Wing.

The church van making its rounds all around Columbus, from Second Avenue to Veterans Parkway and Uptown looking for anyone in need of help.

And this outreach not only provides a warm place to rest, but also a home cooked meal, shower, and fresh clothes.

As many as 24 people have come to seek shelter, and Pastor Tim Harris says it's a simple task as he carries on his assignment from God.

"We want to see lives changed. One life at a time, it's okay. We may not change the whole world, we may not change all of Columbus, but we can surely make a difference in one person's life, if not more," said Tim Harris.
This is the second year since The Verge church has started opening their doors to the homeless.

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