Columbus celebrates 'Small Business Week'

Columbus celebrates 'Small Business Week'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Uptown Columbus is popular among locals and small businesses.

Becca Zajac of Uptown Columbus says about 80 small businesses are in Uptown Columbus alone.
Those 80 businesses are made up of 50 retail stores and 30 restaurants.

"Those small businesses are the heart and soul of the town and they're what makes the community special", says Zajac.

Just last year there was $45 million dollars in gross receipts. Zajac says that's a $7 million increase than last year.

"That's telling us that the small businesses down here are places people want to visit," she said. 

In the last five years, small businesses in Uptown brought in $188 million.

Small businesses in Uptown Columbus create roughly 1,000 jobs in the Columbus area.

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