United Military Care helps families of Fort Benning

United Military Care helps families of Fort Benning

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) –  Volunteers from United Military Care provided free shoes and sports apparel to military dependents, soldiers and veterans with military or veteran identification today at Columbus Baptist Mission.

United Military Care, a Georgia nonprofit was started by military families and veterans to ensure those who serve receive the benefits and care they deserve and are not forgotten.

"We were looking for a way to give back to Fort Benning, so we thought it would be a great way to drive down here with a truck full of apparel to give it to our veterans," says Peggy Beascoechea, a volunteer at United Military Care.

There was a huge turnout causing a second trip to bring back more shoes, courtesy of Mizuno USA and clothes.

"I think this is awesome, this is definitely something that I'm new to because any other duty station I've been to we haven't had any type of events like this," said Alexander Polsun, who is a soldier at Fort Benning.

"As a military family sometimes it's difficult, to make your ends meet, pay your bills, save some money, get your kids involved, after you're paying fees, and you buy equipment, and buy shoes, and kids grow, so this is just a little relief from their budget," said Kim Scofi, President of United Military Care.

Organizers say they hope this clothing drive motivates people to get out the house, and get active.

"We believe that to be physically healthy and mentally healthy, you have to be active and moving, and we want our military children, and our military families out there moving," said Scofi.

This was United Military Care's first donation drive in Columbus and the organization plans to have more in the future.

Additional details, programs, and upcoming events are available here.

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