Columbus high-speed chase ends in crash

Columbus high-speed chase ends in crash
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A routine traffic stop initiates a high-speed chase involving three motorcycles and the Georgia State Patrol.

The pursuit started last night on I-185, ending with a collision on Double Churches Road in Columbus.

Trooper Charles Holloway tells WTVM he was running radar on I-185 when he clocks the leader of a group of three motorcycles going 140 miles-per-hour he then says the chase last several minutes before one of the motorcycles collides with a vehicle.

"I checked the vehicle speed at 140 as I attempted to initiate a traffic stop the drivers of the motorcycles accelerated leading to a pursuit," says Trooper Holloway.

An eyewitness saw the chase flash by on Moon Road.

"I was on Moon Road and I seen the motorcycles go by and the state troopers chasing them they was doing a little over 100 probably."

Trooper Holloway says 24-year-old Christopher McVay smashed his motorcycle into the back of an SVU–  he found McVay laying on the ground with several broken bones.

"Motorcycle laying in the road threw the boy probably thirty feet in front of it, it looked bad."

The other two motorcycles sped off. Holloway says he probably will not find out who the others were involved in the chase.

"There's a no way I could prove with 100% certainty who those two other motorcycles were," says Holloway.

I spoke with the mother of Christopher McVay and she tells me he was in surgery at the time we talked and is lucky to be alive. Holloway says there will not be any warrants for McVay released until he is released from the hospital.

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