Midtown Medical Center announces diabetes drug grant from Johnson and Johnson

Midtown Medical Center announces diabetes drug grant from Johnson and Johnson

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Midtown Medical Center is hosting a diabetes screening on Wednesday and announced its latest grant for a new diabetes drug, "Tiger Trial."

Dr. Steven Leichter with the Endocrine Consultants PC, The Center for Diabetes and Metabolism, shared the groundbreaking news that the pharmaceutical company Janssen, which is a stem of Johnson and Johnson has provided the funds for the 'Tiger Trial.'

"Sometimes it'll make me hate that I have it or make me hate the disease sometimes I forget I have the disease and live life as a child.", says Type One Diabetic Christian Word.

12-year-old Christian Word was recently diagnosed with type one diabetes. Today he stands before a crowd at Midtown Medical as one of two children in our area to receive a new specialized treatment known as "Tiger Study".

"Probably one of the most advanced clinical research studies ever to come to Columbus, Georgia.", says Dr. Steven Leichter.

Dr. Steven Leichter has invested years in diabetic studies... he even gave out the first commercial insulin shot. He says this advancement is groundbreaking.

"To start doing advanced clinical research in preventing or treating type one diabetes is extraordinarily exciting for all of us that are involved." , says Dr. Leichter.

Columbus is one of eight sites in the world dealing with this type of diabetes drug, and millions of dollars have been invested into this research.

"Your pancreas will continue to produce some your own insulin and then you won't have to take insulin shots the rest of your life. It could be game changing for type one diabetes.", says CEO of IACT Health Jeff Kingsley.

"When the disease first comes on in children, its mild, and it can easily be controlled.", says Dr. Leichter.

And taking control of diabetes is what twelve-year-old Christian Word is on a mission to do.

"I know everywhere I go there's either going to be a friend, a parent, or God with me and that's why I never have to worry about diabetes.", says Word.

Since there are only eight of these type drugs in the world, there is not a dollar amount on the grant. The amount of money put into the research depends on how many type one diabetics fit the right criteria for the research.

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