Drivers hope downtown Auburn parking study leads to more parking

Drivers hope downtown Auburn parking study leads to more parking
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Auburn residents are concerned over what they say is a lack of parking in the downtown area.

Some say it takes almost an hour to find a spot to park.

For the first time in eight years, a new parking study is happening here in downtown Auburn to hopefully make parking spots available for those who visit and some residents are saying this could not happen fast enough.

"It took us around forty minutes to find this spot we were just coming down for lunch," says an Auburn resident.

A typical busy lunch hour in downtown Auburn has some residents asking themselves, where can I park my car?

"There's like zero parking every time we come downtown, we literally just have to keep making circles until somebody pulls out. Especially at night during the week when we want to come down for dinner like come downtown for dinner or hang out there's like no parking spots," says the Auburn resident.

This is an issue city managers say they are aware of and is often at the top of the list of needs in the community.

"It's not unusual for people to spend a long time searching for parking," says Auburn Assistant City Manager Kevin Cowper.

City officials say a new parking study is happening now and are hoping to find a fix.

"Looking at downtown parking and coming up with ways to enhance that parking that may include some new construction of parking," says Cowper.

City management says they are looking for partnership opportunities with businesses in the area to have more available spots. They say the study will give them a better idea of what they need.

"We are looking to develop the strategy over the next coming months and hopefully present something to city council by the end of the summer," says Cowper.

Parking meters in downtown Auburn are 25 cents per hour; officials say this also might be adjusted if the study shows this is needed.

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