Twitter Vice President speaks at Auburn University

Twitter Vice President speaks at Auburn University

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The Vice President of Twitter and Auburn graduate Chris Moody visited Auburn today to speak to an organization promoting women to go into the engineering field.

Chris Moody is the first to admit a lot has changed since he graduated from Auburn with a degree in electrical engineering more than 25 years ago.

"I think there were 3 women in my when I went through in 1990. Now we are north of 20% but there is no reason we should not be at 50 percent," says Moody.

As the Vice President and General Manager of Data and Enterprise Solutions for Twitter, he knows the importance of women and power of diversity in this field and that was his message at the Auburn's fifth annual 100+ Women Strong Leadership and Development Conference.

Moody says, "Going through an engineering program is challenging stick with it cause it really will matter to the world that you are out there contributing."

His words resonated strongly with Stella Kontos a junior majoring in chemical engineering.

"He said if a male knows 50% alright I got 50 percent but if a female knows 50% she is like I am halfway there. I feel like that is the perspective of the females here," says Kontos.

On a mission to recruit retain and reward female students in this major, 100+ Women Strong Leadership and Development Conference has grown from just 4 members to 165 members.

Through mentoring, panels, and networking the goal is to continue offering support for those working to reach their goals.

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