There has been another arrest in the 29-year-old case of Kyle Clinkscales. The Auburn University student went missing on his way back to campus from LaGrange, Georgia, in 1976.
Jeanne Pawlak Johnson, 57, of LaGrange was arrested Monday morning by the Troup County Sheriff's Department. Authorities say she was with Clinkscales when he was shot and killed.

"Mrs. Johnson, at that time, ran from the residence to get away from what happened at the scene there. She in no way that we can find has anything to do with Kyle Clinkscales. She had nothing to do with Kyle Clinkscales being brought to that location or being at that location, but she was there," said Sheriff Donny Turner.

Johnson has been charged with concealing his death, giving false statements, and obstruction. She is being held at the Troup County jail without bond. Her bond hearing will be Wednesday morning in LaGrange.
Jimmy Earl Jones was arrested in April and charged with the apparent murder of Clinkscales. He has been denied bond twice.
Clinkscales, a 22-year-old Auburn University student, was working at the Moose Club where he served as a bartender. He left work on the night of January 27, 1976, and he was never heard from again. His body and car have never been found.
--Written by: Brock Parker