Residents recover from storm damage

Residents recover from storm damage

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Storm cleanup is happening in parts of Columbus after Thursday's severe weather.

Some residents that saw damage say it came as a surprise to them.

A woman that lives inside an East Heights Drive home says she was on her way home from work when she got a call that her house was on fire.

She says the Columbus Fire Department tells her that her house caught fire because it was struck by lightening.

The home was burning for quite some time before it was put out.

This woman wasn't the only resident affected.

A Columbus man was inside his home when a bolt struck just outside his front door.

Homeowner, Barnett Jenkins says, "Yeah it was a combination of sound – lightening and this it was almost simultaneously. I couldn't tell how loud this was but I heard a thud just as lightening."

Mr. Jenkins says that he and everyone else in his area are now okay and just cleaning up the remainder of damage.

However, the East Heights Drive homeowner says she is staying with her daughter right now and she is thankful that the Columbus Fire Department rescued her cat that was inside the home while it was burning.

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