Columbus Memory Center project launches

Columbus Memory Center project launches

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The Columbus Memory Center Project, a center dedicated to helping fight Alzheimer's, launched Friday afternoon.

The project will make Columbus, Georgia the first in the world to screen every senior citizen for memory loss and to test tens of thousands for their genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Senior Citizens from all over Columbus came to the free project launch to talk to Dr. Jonathan Liss, a neurologist at Columbus Memory Center and the program's creator, to get tons of information about Alzheimer's, memory loss and to take a memory test.

Every area resident 65 or older was offered a free test to give them a "memory number" as a baseline understanding of his or her memory health.

Additionally, individuals 55 to 75 years of age had the opportunity to submit a confidential DNA sample (via free cheek swab kits) through GeneMatch, a program of the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry.

Dr. Liss, says, "A first in the world event, Columbus, Georgia is now leading the world in Alzheimer prevention. It's big news. We are trying to get everybody 65 and older to know their memory number. If they know their memory number, we can detect memory fading much earlier and much faster and keep people independent much longer."

This project will have citizens aware of their memory number, and to help prevent memory loss early.

Fifty percent of people are diagnosed with a memory disease and do not or know not how to deal with it.

The earlier that this problem is the detected the better.

If there are issues with the patient after attending the launch, they can be admitted into the program long time.

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