Weekend events bring economic boost to Auburn

Weekend events bring economic boost to Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - There's an intense rivalry between Auburn and Alabama. Starting tonight a weekend series of games will kick off between these opponents as the baseball teams play on the Plains and the softball teams play over in Tuscaloosa.

It is not just the players and fans on both sides who are gearing up for this big weekend.

Restaurants, hotels, and shops here in Auburn are also preparing.

Mellow Mushroom in downtown Auburn is no stranger to busy weekends like this.

Not only are they preparing food to help fuel the team before they hit the baseball diamond tonight, but they are expecting large crowds to make their way to Auburn to catch the women's softball game on their big screens.

They are cutting no corners to make sure they can accommodate the extra business they anticipate.

"We plan ahead. We increase orders - certain things that we know we're going to go through a lot of. Whether its dough, staff extra people, make sure we have extra servers and what not - just be prepared," says Carmilla Tindal of Mellow Mushroom in Auburn.

Now with these games falling on the same weekend as Auburn's graduation and ceremonies being held Saturday through Monday, this year, business owners believe this will have an impact on their bottom line.

The baseball game between Alabama and Auburn began at 7/6 central May 5.

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