Closing arguments underway in the 4th Quarter Sports Bar murder trial

Closing arguments underway in the 4th Quarter Sports Bar murder trial
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The fate of the three men accused of killing 33-year-old Dominic Mitchell will soon be in the hands of the jury. Closing arguments were heard Monday morning in court.

Three men are accused of killing Dominic Mitchell at the Fourth Quarter Sports Bar 18 months ago.

While the state is relying on witnesses and evidence to strengthen their argument, the defense attorneys say there is a gap loophole that makes their argument invalid.

Attorney Rod Skiff who represents Defendant DeMark Ponder says this case is all about self-defense. His client, DeMark Ponder, taking to the stand last week to detail how he was threatened after a man pointed a gun in his face.

"If you reasonably believe that an individual deployed a gun in his face and threatened to kill him. He is authorized to use lethal force. It's not the outcome. The law doesn't say outcome. The law says lethal force, that is the deployment of the gun. That's the law," said Skiff during his closing argument.

On the other side, the prosecution assistant district attorney, Alonza Whitaker told the jury to not fall victim to the illusions of the defense.

"Nothing happened outside can justify the killing that happened in 45 seconds. Oh yes, there was a lot of gunfire outside, but how does that justify that man, killing this man?" said Whitaker.

Prosecutors pointed to the surveillance video from the night at the bar. The video showing members of the Outcast motorcycle club arriving, entering through separate entrances, and running away.

The prosecutors calling that video an unbiased representation of what happened that night.

However, Attorney for Daginald Wheeler, Stacey Jackson says the state has not done a good job of proving the guilt of the three defendants.

"The thing about a trial is, you're looking for the truth, in everything, there shouldn't be no gaps or pieces of the puzzle that are missing," said Jackson.

The trial started three weeks ago. The trial is set to resume Tuesday morning at 9.

The judge will charge the jury and deliberations will begin.

Each defendant is charged with murder, robbery, aggravated assault, using a gun to commit a crime, and violation of street gang terrorism and prevention act.

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