Police crackdown on distracted drivers at Milgen Road checkpoint

Police crackdown on distracted drivers at Milgen Road checkpoint

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – If you were traveling along Milgen Road Tuesday, you may have experienced an unexpected delay.

Over 12 law enforcement agencies out in full force kicking off their 100 Deadly Days of Summer campaign.

It's usually at the end of summer when law enforcement kicked off the Hands Across the Border campaign.

This year, they started early in hopes to drive down fatalities.

Out of the 593 people killed on the roadways in Georgia, 61 percent is reportedly from seatbelts and distracted driving.

The police working with this campaign say this year they want to put an emphasis on drunk driving, wearing seatbelts, and impaired driving.

During these stop points, law enforcement officers are checking everything from licenses, proof of insurance, seatbelts, and other violations.

"Summer is here and school is out. We have people traveling all over the state going from different places, so we want to make sure they are safe. Put that cell phone down and seatbelt on," said Chief Jimmy Towns of the Butler Police Department.

This is the 26th year this distracted driving operation has been issued in states of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee.

During the course of the campaign, law enforcement officials will visit various cities within those states setting up randomly timed checkpoints.

On Wednesday, the group will be traveling to Valdosta. They will end in Savannah, and along the South Carolina border.

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