EXCLUSIVE: Man charged in deadly car chase, mother reacts

EXCLUSIVE: Man charged in deadly car chase, mother reacts
(Source: WTVM/Parker Branton)
(Source: WTVM/Parker Branton)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The man accused of stealing an SUV and leading Columbus police on a deadly chase into Phenix City appeared before a judge today and his mother is speaking out.

Eighteen-year-old Dezhaun Dumas answered to a list of charges in Columbus including receiving stolen property and reckless driving.

Dumas is awaiting extradition to Alabama where he faces a murder charge related to the wreck that killed innocent bystander Frank McLemore.

Mclemore's wife, Erin, was injured in that crash.

She has since been released from the hospital.

Dumas' mother was also in court and is looking for answers related to her son's trial.

In an exclusive interview, our Parker Branton spoke further with Dumas mother about the incident.

Sunday, June 4 was the day Dezhaun Dumas and Robert Fletcher allegedly led Columbus police across state lines in a high-speed crash that ended with a deadly crash.

For the first time today one of the suspect's parents tells their side of the story.

"This is his first time getting in trouble as an adult, he's not a hoodlum, he's raised by both parents, he's not a kid that didn't have any direction in life he's just a kid that made a big, big mistake," says the mother of Dezhaun Dumas, Teyisha Fleur.

She says her son was just going to hang out with friends the day the incident happened.

"He's not a murderer my son is not a kid that wakes up and sets out to hurt someone," says Fleur.

Dumas is being accused of driving a stolen SUV and has been charged with murder, second-degree assault, and bringing stolen property across state lines related to the chase.

Fleur says, "I feel like he should have to pay for his actions, but I want everyone to know he is not a killer he wasn't brought up this way."

After an initial hearing for Dumas being delayed, his mother says she is looking for answers.

"I just don't understand how I can't get any information or legal representation for my son because it's always a conflict of interest," she says.

Both accused suspects are known as 18-year-old Robert Fletcher and 18-year-old year Dezhaun Dumas.

Fleur says, "From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry for the McLemore family. If I could go back and take this day I would. I blame no fault on the family at all. My son has to pay for the consequences he did."

Dumas mother wants to make sure the public knows that her family is upset about this incident and are praying for the McElmores daily and she is not placing blame for the incident on anyone else.

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