Columbus dog owners banned from keeping dogs out on chain

Columbus dog owners banned from keeping dogs out on chain
(Source: Animal SOS)
(Source: Animal SOS)
Prim (Source: WTVM)
Prim (Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA - The rules on how a dog owner is allowed to contain their dog while the animal is outside just got stricter.

Executive Director of Animal SOS, Becky Carter, said leaving dogs on chains outside is a growing problem in the community.

Carter said the newly changed ordinance Section 5-7.1 of Columbus city code addresses these issues and dangers of owners not keeping their dogs contained properly.

"If you're at home with your dog it's perfectly fine it's when you're leaving your dog unattended outside," said Carter, an owner of two dogs. "Formerly your dog could [sic] on a six-foot chain or even shorter."

Carter said previous owners were allowed to use a typical chain link system for their dogs outside. Now, Carter said this newly changed city ordinance requires dog owners to use a pulley or trolley system when keeping their dog contained outdoors.

"This ordinance is able to address a lot more areas and specifically address certain areas which the previous ordinance did not cover," said Carter. "People like to use the term zip-line...You run a line from two angles, to tether the dog with."

Carter said there is no specific size of zip-line set in the ordinance because the length of the line should cater to each size of the dog.

"It should cater to what your dog's needs are," said Carter. "We're not trying to make one size fits all."

Carter said owners should preferably use a harness instead of a collar so it won't harm their neck.

The modified ordinance also limits the amount of time a dog is allowed outside while being connected to the pulley system; a maximum of 12 hours within a 24 hour period.

"To give your dog the proper give us a safer community," said Carter.  "Because a healthy, socialized dog is better for the community."

Law enforcement said if an owner does not comply with the citywide ordinance they could face fines and violations.

Columbus City Council signed off on the ordinance which is now in effect starting on the first day of July 2017.

Carter also said the cost to construct a pulley system for your dog typically costs no more than $40, and anyone looking to adopt a puppy featured in this story can contact Animal SOS.

Here is a look at the 4-page city animal ordinance that is in effect as of July 1, 2017:

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