Columbus Government issues warning to Ralston Towers owners following death of resident

Columbus Government issues warning to Ralston Towers owners following death of resident
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Consolidated Government has issued a warning to PF Holdings, LLC, owners of Ralston Towers following the death of one of their residents caused by heat exhaustion.

PF Holdings has been ordered to provide "immediate remedy cooling systems or be shut down."

Sixty-two-year-old Charles Hart died at the Ralston Towers in Uptown Columbus Thursday afternoon from a health-related issue aggravated by the heat.

Hartt was found lying on the bed in his room that the temperature in the man's room was 98 degrees.

Residents of the Ralston Towers say they have been suffering in these dangerous conditions for too long.

"First of all, unsafe conditions were living in unsanitary conditions. They're not repairing the air-conditioning. They keep coming up with these lame excuses of not doing it. So just shut them down," said Ralston Towers resident Ricky Talley.

The document states:

We've reached out to the management of Ralston Towers for comment on Hart's death along with the conditions residents say they are living in but they refused to speak to us.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson weighed in on the heat and how everyone should be in a safe place. She released the following statement:

We are troubled by this loss of life that appears to be heat related. We have and will continue to strive to ensure that all citizens of Columbus have a safe and inhabitable place to lay their head. The Ralston is no exception, and we will continue to enforce the law and see that the Ralston complies with it.

Last summer News Leader 9 reported two heat-related deaths.

The first happened on July 27 when 54- year old Barbara Sternberg was found dead in Midtown Medical Center's west parking lot, formerly Doctor's Hospital. Officials say she died from hyperthermia in 90-degree weather after fainting inside her car.

A week later, 31-year-old Robert Durham died August 5th, 2016 on Wagner Drive in Columbus. Police say he may have passed out in his car with no air conditioning.

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