Family wants answers in East AL cold case murder, 9 years later

Family wants answers in East AL cold case murder, 9 years later
Felton Tate. (Source: WTVM File)
Felton Tate. (Source: WTVM File)
(Source: WTVM File)
(Source: WTVM File)
Terry and Freddy Tate, brothers of Felton. (Source: WTVM File)
Terry and Freddy Tate, brothers of Felton. (Source: WTVM File)

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – A cold case from East Alabama still fresh in the hearts of the victim's family.

Someone shot and killed Felton Tate at his home in Beauregard in 2008. Now, his brothers are pleading with the community to help them finally get justice.

Freddy and Terry Tate say since losing their brother Felton, they've felt a part of themselves missing.

Now, more than 9 years after his murder, they believe someone in the community knows what happened that night, and the victim's brothers want closure.

"It really still feels somewhat fresh, because it's an unsolved case. I'm hoping, praying that it gets solved before I leave here," said Terry Tate, Felton's brother.

The memory of Felton Tate still lives in his brothers' Terry and Freddy's hearts.

Nine years after Felton was murdered, both men cannot fathom who would do this to someone like him.

"He really didn't have any enemies. He was a quiet guy. Had family, children, just did his routine of going to work every day," Tate said.

On July 8, 2008, 44-year-old Tate was found lying on the porch of his home in Beauregard, shot multiple times in his chest. His brothers rushed to the scene.

"So I get in my car and came down to Felton's house, but like Terry said, they had already airlifted him to the hospital, so I didn't get a chance to see him leave," said Freddy Tate, Felton's brother.

Felton Tate died from his injuries that next day. Terry and Freddy still believe someone knows who's responsible for their brother's murder.

"Someone out there does know something. Every year at this time, it's just a reminder that this is an unsolved case and the one that does know the information. I wish they would just go ahead and come forward, and tell law enforcement," Terry said.

"I just want the person who did this to pay for what they did," Freddy said.

Since the murder, the Lee County Sheriff's Office has kept an open investigation, looking for any leads on a suspect.

The Tate brothers suggest more help may be needed to get to the bottom of this cold case.

"If they can't solve this crime in nine years, they need to get in touch with someone... the FBI, or somebody to come in and solve this crime," Freddy said.

The brothers say that before dying, Felton told them the suspect was a black man with dreadlocks who left in a white sedan.

Investigators do want to remind our viewers that if you have any information you're asked to contact the Lee County Sheriff's office at 334-749-5651.

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