Pine Mountain church struck by lightning Tuesday night

Pine Mountain church struck by lightning Tuesday night

PINE MOUNTAIN, GA (WTVM) – A church in Pine Mountain was struck by lightning Tuesday night during a thunderstorm, suffering heavy damage.

Christ The King Catholic Church at 6700 GA Hwy. 354, was struck by lightning around 8:45 during some evening showers.

This happened shortly after a mass ended about 25 minutes earlier.

There were no injuries reported and no one that was inside of the church.

Firefighters were passing by when they saw the church in flames.

The fire was put out but started again early Wednesday morning before sunrise.

The church hosts many visitors that attend Callaway Gardens.

A church parishioner is thankful for the outpouring of community support.

"People want to do whatever they can stream of people in here all morning long, asking what they can do and how can they help, helping us salvage out our church of what we can," said parishioner Bruce Brooks.

The church's building manager says this is not the first time the church has had to overcome obstacles and they will be okay.

"We have had a tragedy before it's a strong church we have been around a long time. We are used to this and this is where most churches come together and we become stronger," Mike Gibbon said. "The number one push is the most important, right? He's in control I think that gives us a sense of peace. We have a strong priest, Father Madden and with him here at the alum we know we are on a good road."

Efforts have already begun to rebuild the church. The church was flooded and burnt mainly around the altar and the area where the pastor gives the mass.

Services will be held in the Fellowship Hall next to the church until construction is complete.

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