Lee Co. superintendent responding to 'offensive' noose hanging inside classroom

Lee Co. superintendent responding to 'offensive' noose hanging inside classroom

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) – The Lee County superintendent is responding after a photo of a noose was hanging inside a Smiths Station's classroom was 'offensive' to some students.

The photo was taken inside an English classroom, according to a 11th-grade student who says the rope had been hanging on the teacher's bookshelf all year as a part of a student-created project.

"This is hanging up in one of my son's bookshelf all Smiths Station...and the teacher put it there for display," a parent posted on Facebook.

"You don't need to have a noose in a classroom, it don't [sic] need to be there," said parent Timothy Scott.

"A noose represents...you know, back in our days of people getting hung and stuff. My concern is how many teachers have been in the classroom, seen [sic] it, and not said anything."

Lee County Schools Superintendent, Dr. James McCoy released the following statement:

"The Smiths Station High School administration was made aware on Monday afternoon (September 25) of an object being displayed in teacher's classroom that was considered offensive by some students.  The administration responded to the situation the same day, Monday, September 25. Upon investigating the matter it was learned a student-created project related to a novel the class was studying was displayed.  The student creation was a noose. The teacher and administration have developed a plan to address the classes and apologize for any unintentional consequences that may have resulted from this display."

The rope has been now removed from the bookshelf.

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