Deer mating season in effect, avoid hitting deer while driving

Updated: Oct. 26, 2017 at 7:56 AM EDT
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(WTVM) - It's feeling more like fall as cooler temperatures hit the Valley.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources wants drivers to know that a d rop in temperature means a peak in deer season, which in worst cases could be deadly for unaware drivers. 

Also, mating season for deer and the fact it's almost daylight savings time are both contributing reasons why drivers will see more deer near roadways this season. 

Deer mating season is now until late December.  Male deer begin actively searching for mates. This behavior results in an increase in deer movement which brings them across roadways.

As days become shorter and nights become longer, rush hour for most drivers tends to fall during the same hours white-tailed deer are most active. Deer are also active from dawn to dusk, so  it's important for drivers to know that deer can dart out in front of their car rather than run away from it when feeling

Drivers are advised to slow down as much as possible if they see a deer. 

It's recommended to avoid the urge to swerve to avoid hitting the deer. Doing so can potentially save you from hitting another car on the road. 

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